Denso's New Image Sensor Employed For Lexus Ls

Denso's New Image Sensor Employed for Lexus LS

Denso Corp developed a new "stereo image sensor" and "milliwave radar" for improving safety by detecting obstacles, white lines, etc.

Stereo image sensor
The stereo image sensor can detect obstacles with various shapes such as pedestrians, vehicles and guardrails by using 3D image processing technology called "Dense Stereo Matching Technology." In addition, it can detect an unoccupied road surface (free space) on which the vehicle can run. As a result, it realizes a function to control the steering and avoid obstacles in addition to an emergency automatic braking function.

Moreover, by improving the performance of the camera, Denso enabled to detect pedestrians at night.

Milliwave radar
The milliwave radar device realizes both a small size and improved pedestrian detection capability. Its detection sensitivity was improved by increasing the number of radio wave irradiations from the radar device, enhancing the capability of detecting pedestrians cutting across in front of the vehicle.

Moreover, by increasing the irradiation angle of the radar device, Denso eliminated the need for a mechanism that adjusts the irradiation angle and reduced volume by about 60%.

Those products will be used for Toyota Motor Corp's new "Lexus LS" to be released in the fall of 2017 or later.