Denso's Plant - Derived Pc Resin Employed For Toyota's Car Navigation System

Denso's Plant-derived PC Resin Employed for Toyota's Car Navigation System

Denso Corp announced March 21, 2017, that plant-derived polycarbonate (PC) resin developed by the company has been employed for a car navigation system of Toyota Motor Corp.

Specifically, the PC resin was employed for the frame (bezel) of "Entry Navi" (NSCD-W66), which is manufactured by Denso. Before the employment of the plant-derived PC resin, oil-derived PC resin was used.

The new PC resin, which is made from starch, has a higher surface hardness than the oil-derived PC resin. Also, it features a low light refractivity and an excellent coloring property. It can be used without painting, enabling to reduce cost compared with the conventional PC resin, which need to be painted.

Because of those reasons, the new PC resin was employed for the car navigation system of the Toyota brand. The resin is planned to be applied to more car navigation systems, according to Denso.