Docomo Disney Mobile Android Smartphones

Docomo Disney Mobile Android smartphonesDocomo in collaboration with Disney have unveiled the first two smartphones in their "Disney Mobile on docomo" smartphone brand.

"This is the F-08D, and like the P-05D, it features the magical world of Disney, but this model has lots of extra features. It supports mobile wallet and TV services, the infrared data connection, and it's also waterproof. So, for a brand collaboration model, it really gives you everything you need."

"The design features Mickey and Minnie silhouettes on the back. This phone comes with a tabletop holder, which also has a Mickey design. A big feature of this model is, Mickey Mouse appears in all kinds of places, like the menu screen, but without being too conspicuous."

"Take a look at this screen. The pattern lock shows Mickey's silhouette. M for Mickey is set, so you can unlock it like this. Having Mickey in places like that is a really big feature. I think it's great fun looking to see where Mickey is hiding."

The waterproof P-05D also features a dual-core processor and comes with one of four Disney branded jackets.

"This is the P-05D. Its main feature is that it's really slim and lightweight. This model is just 7.8 mm thick, and it only weighs 103 g. It has a 4.3-inch OLED display, so you get very vivid colors, and scrolling is also very smooth. So things like the Disneyland Electrical Parade live wallpaper look great, too."

"The Home key is designed like Mickey Mouse's head. You can also download original widgets, like an alarm clock, pedometer, and Disney weather forecast. So with this model, you can enjoy the world of Disney every day."


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