Doraemon Giant Speaker

Doraemon Giant SpeakerRun'a is a planning, manufacturing, and sales firm specializing in goods related to Japanese pop-culture characters.
Their Doraemon Giant Speaker is a 40cm-tall (~15-inch) Doraemon-shaped speaker that has a 77mm speaker unit built-in at the bottom. You can connect your music player, smartphone, iPhone, or PC using a 3.5mm stero mini plug. And then your music will come from Doraemon. Slayer or Wu-Tang Clan would be nice.

A yellow bell around Doraemon's neck illuminates to the rhythm of the music. The angle/tilt of his arms and face are also adjustable.

Price: ¥18,144
Size: 290x405x266mm
Weight: 2kg
Max Output: 3W
Impedance: 4?±15?