Driving Simulation Vehicle Testing System Reproduces Movement On A Real Vehicle

Driving simulation vehicle testing system reproduces movement on a real vehicleSaginomiya is developing a vehicle testing system that combines an actual vehicle with computer simulation.

"Broadly speaking, we're using two types of test system. On the right is a driving simulator, which is for sensory evaluation, basically evaluating how the steering feels to the driver. For example, it can be used for tuning the suspension or the steering ECU."

This simulator calculates the vehicle's motion based on how the car is driven, and it reproduces the vehicle's behavior in real time, using a six-axis motion table. By relating actual component testing to the test driving of the model vehicle, components can be designed more fully before the vehicle is completed. This helps to reduce the time and cost required for development.

"The system on the left has a vibration system installed. Actuators on the rack end reproduce road reaction and kick-back in real time, and transmit the vehicle's behavior to the steering wheel."

"What makes this very different from a game is, it uses the vehicle models that are used as development tools. So the model works within physical laws of motion. A game uses patterns, so for example, the vehicle slips if it hits the rumble strips on the edge of the road. But in this system, all behavior is reproduced using the relations between road conditions and the driver's movements. What's more, with our technology, dynamic motion is reproduced in real time, in a real vehicle with no delay, through a system with good responsiveness."


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