Exceptionally Spacious: New Sharp Refrigerators With Satisfyingly Large Capacity In Both Refrigerating And Freezer Compartment

Exceptionally spacious: New Sharp refrigerators with satisfyingly large capacity in both refrigerating and freezer compartmentThe new high-quality refrigerator models from Sharp with modern hard glass finish provide users with exceptionally generous storage space. With the Standard Plus models SJ-SC700V / SC680V(1) and the Premium models SJ GC-700V / SJ-GC-680V(2) the technology company is presenting a range of new two-door Top freezer refrigerators with an astonishing total freezer capacity of 150 litres.

The refrigerating compartment(3) also provides generous storage space free of any obstructive central partition, thereby allowing for larger pots, serving dishes or big cakes and tarts fresh off the baking tray. At the same time, the needs of energy efficiency, uniform cooling and comprehensive refrigerator hygiene are fully satisfied. In addition to the Hybrid cooling system for optimal refrigerating performance, the smart Plasmacluster technology helps to eliminate the propagation of specific bacteria and mould growths harmful to health. This system is the best way to keep food fresh.

The new two-door Standard Plus and Premium Top freezer models from Sharp have extremely generously dimensioned refrigerator and freezer compartments ensuring the optimal storage of food and drink, even in smaller kitchens. With their wide flat shelf surfaces without central partitioning bar, these refrigerators provide enough space for larger items such as catering dishes, casseroles or large salad trays, making them ideally equipped for family celebrations and parties. With a freezer capacity of 150 litres, all standard models also offer one of the most generously sized freezer compartments in the Top freezer segment. For clearer visibility, the refrigerator is lit by energy-efficient LED lighting(4). Glass bases in the refrigerating compartment, set in tasteful shiny chrome bezels, reflect the blue LED light back into the compartment, so that uniform and very bright lighting is guaranteed all-round, even when the refrigerating compartment is full.

"Already, with our innovative and fully developed technologies, such as the Hybrid cooling system, Plasmacluster ions and the 'No Frost' function, we provide the best possible systems for keeping food fresh," explains Beate Moresmau, Manager Marketing and Product Planning White Goods at Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH. "However, the demands that our consumers expect our refrigerator-freezer combinations to meet go even further. Consequently, we are developing special models that are suitable for every household and are optimally adaptable to the widest possible variety of kitchen designs. Ample storage space, ease of use and energy efficiency are just some of the requirements that we successfully satisfy, especially with the new models."

Within everyone's reach
With a high-quality toughened glass front finish, the models fit perfectly into every kitchen style. There is no need to worry about unsightly finger smudging: an extra-long 158.5 cm door handle enables both small children and adults to open and close the refrigerator doors effortlessly without leaving traces on the door surface.

Good cooling for longer freshness
The new Standard Plus and Premium models not only provide the combined attractions of high practicality and generously dimensioned interior but also have technically intelligent features that ensure the best possible cooling results. An advanced Hybrid cooling system with two adjacent aluminium panels combines the benefits of direct cooling and true fan cooling to ensure uniform refrigeration in the entire refrigerating compartment. Food is kept tasty and fresh for longer. In addition, lengthy thawing is now a thing of the past with the "Full No Frost" models, because the temperature in the freezer is kept to the optimal level to prevent icing. This feature saves energy, protects the environment and keeps food appetizing. The high-quality features of the two-door refrigerator-freezer combination units also include a special Plasmacluster ion system for purifying the air in the refrigerator compartment, as an efficient and effective method of optimizing hygiene and freshness. This technology was developed by Sharp itself and has received numerous awards in Japan. It helps to prevent the propagation of specific bacteria and mould spores in the refrigerating compartment. The interior protection is completed by the built-in Nano Deodoriser, which reduces unpleasant smells.

Just one click for Energy Save mode
In addition to their modern exterior design with toughened glass finish in silver and black, the SJ-GC-700V / SJ-GC-680V Premium models have a built-in LED display with Energy Save function(5) in the front panel of the refrigerator. Visible when touched, the LED display shows the setting options for the interior temperature of the refrigerating and freezer compartments(6), and the ECO and Plasmacluster function. The hard glass finish of the front can be easily and quickly cleaned with a kitchen towel without leaving any traces.

(1) Available in the following colours: beige (BE), white (WH) and silver (SL)
(2) Available in the following colours: black (BK) and silver (SL)
(3) The capacity of the refrigerating compartment is 391 litres for the 680 models and 433 litres for the 700 models.
(4) Brightness 300 lux
(5) Reduces power consumption by 10%
(6) The temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartment is generally higher than set:Refrigerator: by about 2°C, Freezer: by about 1.5°C