Final Fantasy Xv's Pc Benchmarking Tool Is Now Available

Final Fantasy XV's PC Benchmarking Tool Is Now Available

As you've probably heard, Square Enix will be bringing Final Fantasy XV onto the PC, and last year the company also revealed the necessary hardware that you would require if you wanted to play the game on your computer. However for those who are curious as to exactly how well their PCs will fare, you'll be pleased to learn that the game's benchmarking tool has been released.

In case the name wasn't already obvious, this is a benchmarking tool that tests the hardware on your PC so that you'll have a better idea of how the game performs when running on your PC. For example you could meet the minimum hardware requirements, but does this necessarily make the game playable? That's what the benchmark tries to help you to find out.

The benchmarking tool comes in at 3.7GB and basically runs a series of events in real time, ranging from a joyride in the Regalia, to fishing in the rain, to some combat situations, and so on. Essentially it is putting your PC through a bunch of different scenarios that will stress test your components, like RAM, CPU, GPU, and so on, and spit out a score on how well your PC does.

From there we guess gamers have the option of deciding whether or not they want or need to upgrade their hardware. The game is currently set for a release on the 6th of March, giving gamers about a month to decide whether or not to upgrade. In the meantime the benchmarking tool can be found here.

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