Four Sony Tablet S Cradle Apps That Rock

Four Sony Tablet S cradle apps that rockBack in April, we announced the Cradle app developers contest, asking you guys to create apps that automatically launch when the Sony Tablet S is placed on a Sony Tablet S Cradle and are optimized for use with the accessory.

We received some great submissions but four of them took the cake. The winning Sony Tablet S cradle apps are … (drumroll, please) …

Plasma Sound HD

This free instrument app lets you make your own music with your fingertips. You can pick the Motion mode and get moving to adjust tempo, scale, syncopation and notes. Watch a demo of the app here.


MorphWiz-Play also allows you to create your own beats using presets and customizations like reverb, whole tones, chords, filter sweeps and slippery bends as electronica and graphics. The app is available on Google Play™ for $1.99.


This one’s a must-have if you have children. The iStoryBooks app offers fairy tales, folktales, classics, and picture books all for free. There’s even an option to have a narrator read to your kids.

Alarm Clock Harmony

For $0.99, you can wake up to soothing nature sounds instead of a blaring alarm. Clap your hands or snap your fingers to have a voice tell you what time it is. You’ll also have access to the weather forecast and your Google calendar.

All four apps are now available on Google Play. Check them out today and let us know what you think.