Fuji Xerox Launches A Service To Manage Color Consistency Among Colors On Displays And Printouts

Fuji Xerox Launches a Service to Manage Color Consistency Among Colors on Displays and PrintoutsTargeting the product design section of the manufacturing industry, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch RGB Workflow Color Management Service that realizes a consistent color reproduction among various devicesNote 1 using its newly developed Total Color Management Technology—Fuji Xerox's proprietary color correction technologyNote 2 that manages colors displayed on PC monitors, large displays, projectors and of printouts. The service will be available starting March 5, 2014.

With RGB Workflow Management Service, users can reproduce consistent colors on various monitors, projectors and printouts regardless of the software being used. The color unification for various devices was previously difficult as they display a wider color range compared to printouts, but the new technology realizes automatic conversion to similar colors by controlling the color gamut while maintaining the gradation.

At the product design sections in the manufacturing industry, the recent progress of digitization using the three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) and computer graphic systems is causing more man-hours, as the inconsistency in color tones result in repeated corrections and backtracks in processes by miscommunications. Moreover, in the entire workflow from product development to marketing promotion, the inconsistency in color tones displayed on individual PC monitors, large displays, projectors and other devices could slow down the decision-making and lead to complaints.

The new service contributes to a speedy workflow as it promotes digitization in the color adjustment, and also to quality enhancement and higher efficiency in color correction works in design production without lowering the productivity caused by the different color appearances. Specifically, the service can be useful in design work sectionsNote 3 in automobile, housing equipment and electric machinery industry.

In the demonstration experiment performed at Fuji Xerox, the print output work which required half a day for color adjustment was cut down to a single print instruction, thereby largely reducing the work time. In addition, the expenses for mock-up creation are anticipated to be reduced by 50 percent as all workflow are digitized with this service.

Together with Fuji Xerox's serviceNote 4 currently being offered to unify the colors between printers and monitors, the Company now brings color consistency in the entire workflow from digital images to printouts.