Fuji Xerox Launches A4 Color Printers Capable Of Printing 35 Pages Per Minute In Both Color And Monochrome

Fuji Xerox Launches A4 Color Printers Capable of Printing 35 Pages per Minute in Both Color and MonochromeTo contribute to enhanced print job productivity, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch DocuPrint CP400 series, A4 color printers capable of printing 35 pages per minute in both color and monochrome, on August 19, 2013. The series comprise of DocuPrint CP400 d, and DocuPrint CP 400 ps that incorporates Adobe® PostScript® 3™ as standard to meet the needs of mission critical system and desktop publishing users.

In addition to high-speed printing, DocuPrint CP400 series have quick first printout speed of approximately 9.2 seconds in color and 8.5 seconds in monochrome. The printers are also equipped with quick start-up of less than 19.9 seconds when turning the power on or recovering from the sleep mode, to meet urgent print needs.

DocuPrint CP400 series also deliver high-quality prints in the high-definition mode that realizes 1,200 x 1,200 dots per inch (dpi) prints as well as using the image enhance function that produces output comparable to 9,600 x 600 dpi. Furthermore, the advanced image processing technology to print 256 gradations of each RGB color/16.7 million colors realizes high-definition print of small texts, high-density photos and pale gradations.

Enhanced capability to meet needs to print on various papers

To conduct effective sales, small retail stores such as supermarkets and drugstores need to flexibly change in-store ads as well as price cards with price and barcode information, depending on what strong-seller products are. DocuPrint CP400 series can print on various sizes and types of papers such as B6 sheets suitable for point-of-purchase (POP) ads and price lists, as well as thick paper of 216 grams per square meter, which is about the thickness of business cards. Moreover, the printers are equipped with the barcode mode that can clearly print barcodes, and the poster printing function that can print a single-page document onto 2 sheets of paper, thereby allowing users to create a maximum A3 POPNote1. The printers will contribute to quick printing of high-quality POPs and price cards that best meet the situation.

Two A4 sheets, each printing half of the total image, can be connected to create an A3-size output.
High productivity

To meet the needs of print shops for mass printing, these models accommodate high capacity feeding of up to 1,250 sheets. Also, the printers are equipped with the automatic duplex printing function as standard to contribute to greater productivity. Moreover, to enhance business efficiency in print jobs that concentrate in a particular period, such as printing seasonal greeting or New Year's cards, an optional postcard cassette that can hold up to 150 postcards is available.

Compact catering to user needs

DocuPrint CP400 series have reduced the machine size by 29 square centimeter, or approximately 28 percent, from its predecessor models. Being compact and compatible with widely-used Wi-Fi, the printers are cost-effective suitable for limited spaces including store counters, reception desks and back offices.

List Price

Product Name List Price (before tax)
DocuPrint CP400 d 148,000 yen
DocuPrint CP400 ps 208,000 yen

Japan and Asia-Pacific Region

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