Fuji Xerox Skydesk Service Offers New Applications That Optimize Customer Support Operations

FUJI XEROX SkyDesk Service Offers New Applications That Optimize Customer Support OperationsAs new applications of its SkyDesk ServiceNote1, a cloud-based business communication support service, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has today launched both free and paid versions of SkyDesk Support–applications that help customer support operations.

SkyDesk Support enables comprehensive management of customer inquiries, such as receiving an inquiry and responding to it, managing the progress of response, storing of replies and creating a report. These basic functions are available in the free version, and SkyDesk Support Professional and SkyDesk Support Enterprise, the paid versions with enhanced functions, provide more organized usage environment.

SkyDesk Support Professional

Automating and streamlining business processes by a workflow system

By pre-setting conditions and defining flows to respond to inquiries, the SkyDesk Support Professional can automatically allocate inquiries to the people in charge of receiving inquiries, which streamlines the process and prevents inquiries from being overlooked. The application also can send notifications to persons in charge and create tasks.

Sharing FAQ on a dedicated customer portal

Users can share replies provided to customers as frequent asked questions (FAQs) on a dedicated customer portal. By facilitating customer self-support, the application contributes to streamlining support operations and improving customer services.

Assisting efficient customer services by linking to SkyDesk CRM

Users can easily manage customer information by linking to the contact/account information in SkyDesk CRM (Customer Relationship Management)Note2, which can be also used for customer supports operations.

Managing a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Users can set a range of service level agreements (SLAs) such as application plans, response deadline for inquiries, respondents to escalated inquiries and their action timing.

SkyDesk Support Enterprise

In addition to the functions of SkyDesk Support Professional, the SkyDesk Support Enterprise offers enhanced features to assure more effective utilization.

Linking SLA to individual contracts

Users can set contract periods of SLA according to individual customers, thereby easily and smoothly providing complex support services such as follow-up before the termination of contracts.

Automating report creation

Using a scheduler, the SkyDesk Support Enterprise creates a report on a regular basis, which enables users to reduce the work load for transcribing data of inquiries for aggregation, and confirm the status regularly.

Establishing data-sharing rules

Users can establish data-sharing rules by grouping persons in charge of handling customer inquiries to control data access.

Utilizing public cloud, SkyDesk Service offers various business applications required in a diverse range of business communications in the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) market.
SkyDesk CRM helps users manage a series of sales activities from marketing and business negotiations to customer support by enabling them to manage the processes in stages; sales support, marketing support and customer support.
How to Purchase the Paid Services

Via online with a credit card


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