Fujifilm Unveils A Projector With Multi - Directional Image Projection

Fujifilm Unveils A Projector With Multi-Directional Image Projection

When you think of projectors, most of the time these projectors are fixed meaning that they are mounted onto a shelf or onto a ceiling which then projects an image onto a flat surface, such as typically a wall. While this is fine, it does have certain limitations as in you will need to decide on where to place the projector before installing it, and relocating it after can be a hassle.

This is something Fujifilm is hoping to change as they have announced a new projector (which also marks Fujifilm’s entrance into the projector business) that offers up multi-directional image projection. This is thanks to a projection lens that is mounted onto an arm that can be swiveled up, down, left, right, horizontal, and/or vertical. This means that depending on the size of your room or your needs, the projector can be adapted accordingly.

Fujifilm is also claiming that the projector uses an ultra-short throw lens that will be capable of projecting images onto a 100-inch screen from a distance of 75cm, making it useful in a variety of situations. According to the company, “The new Fujifilm projector will be a perfect choice for large-scale digital signage at stores or spatial design projection at art galleries / museums, where installation space is limited, or for image projection on ceiling / floor to make effective use of available space.”

There is no word on pricing but Fujifilm expects to begin shipping it out to customers in 2019. In the meantime you can check out the video above that shows the projector in action.

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