Fujitsu Esprimo X: Not Only A Useful Tool In The Office!

Fujitsu ESPRIMO X: Not only a useful tool in the office!Today NGOs have to be really creative to generate awareness of their mission and to mobilize public support for their cause. “Previously I traveled with a slide projector from lecture to lecture, but that´s doesn’t work anymore. To reach our target audience and to make our work in South America more tangible, we now need to use up-to-date professional media,” says Lorenzo von Fersen, the founder of the independent environmental and nature conservation not-for-profit organization Yaqu Pacha, which for the last 20 years has carried out projects for the conservation of marine mammals in South America.


Together with Fujitsu and the App-specialist emotion touch, the behavioral Biologist found a solution that suits his needs. Whenever he and his colleagues are presenting their work at exhibitions and conferences, they bring a few ESPRIMOs X913-T. Thanks to the ESPRIMO’s adjustable displays and the App, they offer an easy and intuitive access to images, videos, text and documents. When on site, for example, interested people can with just a few touches experience how schools of dolphins in Chile work together, or catch a glimpse into the daily lives of coastal fishermen at the mouth of the Rio de La Plata River in Uruguay and Argentina.

“At Yaqu Pacha, we see ourselves as ambassadors for the entire ecosystem. The ESPRIMO X PC allows me to get this complex message across by playing a short film or illustrating an important project with the help of images or a short text. The new technology is much easier than handing out flyers or giving presentations with a slide projector as I used to do. I am able to reach out to more people in less time than I was ever able to using conventional technology and this is extremely important to the work that we do,” says von Fersen. This great example shows how our ESPRIMO X PC is not only a useful tool in the office!

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Fujitsu ESPRIMO X: Not only a useful tool in the office! Fujitsu ESPRIMO X: Not only a useful tool in the office! Fujitsu ESPRIMO X: Not only a useful tool in the office!