Fujitsu Launches Arrows A Softbank 202f Smartphone Featuring Ultra - Long - Lasting Battery Life In Japan

Fujitsu launches ARROWS A SoftBank 202F smartphone featuring ultra-long-lasting battery life in JapanFujitsu today introduced the new ARROWS A SoftBank 202F from Fujitsu Mobile Communications. The new smartphone will be available in Japan from SoftBank retailers beginning June 28, 2013.

To deliver one of the most sought after features by smartphone users—long-lasting battery life—ARROWS A SoftBank 202F comes equipped with a high-capacity battery, over 3,000 mAh, along with Fujitsu's energy-saving Human Centric Engine. The result is a smartphone that provides long battery life on a single charge, lasting over two days(1). With the handset's beautiful 5.0-inch full HD display (1,920 × 1,080) and support for Full-Seg HD broadcasts(2), users can fully enjoy video in stunning detail on this large-screen. This advanced smartphone brings together a host of other high-spec capabilities, including a 1.7 GHz quad-core CPU that delivers breathtaking performance, as well as a high-resolution 13.1 megapixel camera that anybody can use to easily capture high-quality photographs.

The rapid spread of smartphones, together with the development of increasingly advanced features and ever-richer content have led to a demand for battery life that will allow users to enjoy these capabilities and content over long periods without being concerned about battery life. Thanks to its high-capacity battery exceeding 3,000 mAh and Fujitsu's Human Centric Engine, which helps users conserve power, ARROWS A SoftBank 202F delivers over two days of battery life on a single charge. Moreover, the handset's stunning 5.0-inch full HD display and other high-spec functions allow users to fully enjoy the benefits of a smartphone in their daily lives. To deliver an easy-to-carry form factor, a feature that is becoming essential among large-screen smartphones, the unit measures 69mm wide, making it one of the industry's narrowest smartphones to feature a 5.0-inch display. The ARROWS A SoftBank 202F is available in four colors: Grace Blue, Pink, Black, and White.

Product Features

1. High-capacity battery exceeding 3,000 mAh and Human Centric Engine for over two days of battery life on a single charge

By bringing together a high-capacity battery exceeding 3,000 mAh and Fujitsu's Human Centric Engine, which leverages sensing technology to detect the status of the device and its user, ARROWS A SoftBank 202F delivers over two days of battery life on a single charge. This means users can enjoy a wide variety of content without having to worry about running out of battery. The smartphone's Human Centric Engine provides support for a host of convenient features, such as Super Clear mode, which automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of the screen for optimal visibility, even if the screen is under direct sunlight and difficult to read, and Flip to Switch Ring to Silent mode, which makes it easy to quickly turn off unwanted ringtones or vibration alarms during a meeting or other scenarios by simply flipping the device over.

2. 5.0-inch full HD display and Full-Seg HD broadcasts

With a full HD (1,920 × 1,080) display that features among the highest resolutions of its class of smartphones, ARROWS A SoftBank 202F can render high-quality images and small text in crisp detail. The smartphone also supports Full-Seg HD broadcasts, which offer 36 times the resolution of One-Seg broadcasts, making it possible to enjoy full HD-quality digital terrestrial TV on-the-go.

3. Excellent performance through a 1.7 GHz quad-core CPU

The smartphone comes equipped with the latest high-performance Snapdragon™ 600 APQ8064T quad-core CPU. To conserve power, the handset will adjust the number of cores used by the CPU to accommodate different processing loads for different usage scenarios, such as when in standby mode or when playing a game.

4. A 13.1 megapixel camera with Perfect Tuning and a large 64 GB internal memory

With Fujitsu's original Perfect Tuning functionality, users can capture bright, vivid photos while letting the smartphone's camera do all the work. As such, the camera is able to automatically adjust to the optimal color levels in any environment. Moreover, the handset's Zero Shutter Capture mode eliminates the feeling of time lag when shooting photos, making it easy for users to quickly capture a shot the instant the shutter button is pressed. The phone also supports HDR synthesis for capturing vivid photos and videos when trying to avoid glare. Featuring 64 GB of internal memory(3), among the highest capacity for its class of smartphones, ARROWS A SoftBank 202F provides ample space for users to save photo and video content.

5. Securely guards important user data with a smart fingerprint sensor and SoftBank mail-compatible privacy mode

ARROWS A SoftBank 202F features a smart fingerprint sensor, one of Fujitsu's signature advanced security features. After pre-registering the user's fingerprint, the technology makes it possible to quickly release the phone's security lock without the need to enter a correct swipe pattern or password. Located at an easy to access place on the back of the phone, the new sensor contains a switch that can turn the smartphone's screen on and off, making the process of turning on the screen and releasing its security lock easier than ever. In addition, the phone's privacy mode supports SoftBank mail, thereby helping to provide even more robust security for important user data.

6. Full-spec capabilities

The smartphone comes with a host of features and high-performance capabilities, including water-resistant (IPX5/8) and dust-resistant (IP5X) technology(4), DLNA® that supports remote access-enabled DTCP+, a scratch-resistant "Ultra Toughguard plus" coating that is also resistant to peeling, NFC, Osaifu-Keitai®, and infrared communications.