Fujitsu Mobile Phones Boost Diabetic Support Services

Fujitsu Mobile Phones Boost Diabetic Support ServicesFujitsu today announced the addition of a Free Plan to its existing Karada Life Diabetes Support services, which encompass a broad range of services that help diabetics maintain healthy habits and assist them with treatments.

From last year, Karada Life Diabetes Support service began offering a fee-based cloud service that works with a blood glucose monitor paired with Fujitsu-manufactured mobile phones to automatically record and help manage blood glucose data.

Today, Fujitsu is expanding its offerings with a cloud service that provides free functions to help diabetics maintain exercise habits and dietary restrictions necessary for diabetes treatment. It uses a web application that can be run on a variety of mobile phones or smartphones to manage information on meal portion sizes, exercise, and blood glucose readings.

Fujitsu plans to expand the services it offers to diabetics to improve their quality of life and help them live fulfilling, healthier lives.

Karada Life Diabetes Support, introduced in June 2011, is a cloud-based service for diabetics that lets them use their mobile phones to record and manage health-related data, from blood glucose readings to meal and exercise figures. Users can monitor their statistics graphically, making it easy to check their status several times a day. This data exists in the cloud, meaning users can check their data via a PC, e-mail it to family members, and, if desired, have it printed and delivered to their homes if they have no printer of their own. Its ability to address a wide range of patient needs has been well received by its users.

The service that Fujitsu is rolling out today makes all of these features available for free, and is accessible from any make or model mobile phone or smartphone to benefit as many people as possible.

Service Features

1. Improves lifestyle habits through regular data recording

The service includes a program that lets users set targets for meal portion size, exercise, and number of daily blood glucose readings as well as to record data continually over a three-week period. Reviewing past results is easy. The service sends encouraging messages weekly that show users their level of achievement toward their targets. By switching to a paid plan, user data is automatically carried forward, making the service easier to use.

2. Three plans available

The service is available under three plans to meet the needs of different users: those who want to try it out, those who want an easy way to track their data, and those who want to have a printed document without needing a personal computer or printer.


Service Overview

PlanFree (NEW)BasicEasy service
Best for People who want to try out the service People who want an easy way to track data with full management features People who want a printed document
Details Users can record health data such as glucose levels, meals, and exercise using their existing mobile phones or smartphones. Users can connect their mobile phone to a pedometer or glucose meter using a cable to automatically log data. In addition to the Basic plan, users can have logged data printed and delivered to their homes with Print & Deliver Service.
Fee Free(1) JPY 525/mo (tax included) JPY 945/mo (tax included)
Availability Beginning Jan 26, 2012 Already available
Glucose-reading records Manually entered(2) Automatically recorded when connected to cable
Pedometer records Manually entered(2) Automatically recorded by mobile phone's built-in pedometer
Other records Meal portion size, body weight, blood pressure, health level(3) Meal portion size, body weight, blood pressure, health level, insulin injection data, HbA1c levels(3)
Sharing with family - Key family members can receive daily notifications by e-mail
Reviewing By encouragement e-mail (weekly), self-managed report (printable PDF) on personal computer In addition to Free/Basic options, Print & Deliver Service