Fujitsu, Sony Propose Medical Applications Of Electronic Paper Devices

Fujitsu, Sony Propose Medical Applications of Electronic Paper DevicesFujitsu Ltd and Sony Corp exhibited applications of their electronic paper devices for medical and nursing purposes at International Modern Hospital Show 2016, which took place from July 13 to 15, 2016, at Tokyo Big Sight.

At the show, FITech, a company affiliated with Fujitsu, showcased large signage using a 31.2-inch black-and-white electronic paper device. The company proposed to use it as a table for showing the names of medical doctors in charge, the map of a hospital, etc.

For hospitals where printed (analog) tables are used, FITech emphasizes that the signage's display performance is equivalent to that of printed materials. For hospitals where LCD displays are used, the company stresses its power-saving capability. The first round of delivery and installation will soon begin for hospitals.

In the same booth, "Personal Digital Signage," which uses electronic paper, was exhibited as a prototype made by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. It can be attached to the user's wrist and is expected to be used for wirelessly receiving information necessary for each user (patient) and displaying it.

This time, Fujitsu Laboratories developed a band that does not bend the display even when the flexible electronic paper is used like a wristwatch. The company showed it to check the needs for such personal signage devices, it said.

Sony exhibited "Digital Paper," which uses a 13.3-inch black-and-white electronic paper device. It has already been commercialized, and the company aims to sell it more in the medical/nursing field.

It is possible to write characters, etc directly on the screen of the Digital Paper by hand, and the input data can be wirelessly transmitted via wireless LAN. In view of such characteristics, Sony proposes to use it for turning the handwritten contents of a medical interview sheet to data and transferring it to an in-hospital system.

In addition, Sony suggested using the Digital Paper as (1) a memo for sharing information at the time of emergency/disaster, (2) memo paper for nursing, (3) a device for checking receipts (medical prescriptions), etc.