Gamer Turns Old N64 Console Into A Dock For The Nintendo Switch

Gamer Turns Old N64 Console Into A Dock For The Nintendo Switch

So we have been hearing reports that the dock for the Nintendo Switch has truly been scratching the reassure's show as customers take it in and out. Without a doubt this is a bummer, despite the way that we assume that is the thing that screen shields are there for. Regardless in case you're after a possibly less scratchy technique for docking your solace, here's an idea for you.

In a post on Reddit, Redditor tettzan777 posted a photo in which he revamp his old N64 support to allow it to dock the Nintendo Switch. He also balanced it with the end goal that there is similarly reinforce for USB ports on the front, something that the N64 comfort obviously was not prepared to do.

Now in the event that you're inquiring as to why may anyone "decimate" such an awesome console, tettzan777 claims that the support was by then broken before this, so we figure in a way he's as of late giving it another lease on life. The fundamental disadvantage to this setup is that clearly there is no space for customers to dock the Joy-Con controllers, yet we assume that is the esteem one needs to pay for a Nintendo-ception, right?

In any case you can take a gander at the video in the occasion that you'd seize the opportunity to get a more all around look at the modded N64 Nintendo Switch dock.

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