Gmail Go Now Available On Android Devices

Gmail Go Now Available On Android Devices

Developing markets are hard to ignore as some of them tend to be extremely populous, which means that there is a lot of untapped potential in terms of gaining new customers. This is why certain brands continue to be popular in developing markets despite them being largely unknown or ignored in developed markets.

This is also why we're seeing more companies start to develop apps that are catered towards such markets, where phones might not be as powerful and internet speeds might not be as fast. The latest app to receive such treatment is Google's Gmail app in which Gmail Go has been launched for Android devices.

In terms of the differences between the apps, it appears that there isn’t much. Gmail Go at its core will do what the regular Gmail app does. However it will use up less RAM and will only load images on demand, meaning that users with limited data can have better control over how their data is being used.

However as expected Gmail Go’s availability is limited to certain markets for now, such as those who might have a better use for it than say markets with reliable LTE speeds and unlimited data. The release of Gmail Go also joins other Google "Go" apps such as YouTube, Google Assistant Go, and Gboard Go.

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