Gmail On Android Gets Nudges Feature As Well

Gmail On Android Gets Nudges Feature As Well

It not uncommon for us to actually forget about replying to an email, particularly if we tend to receive a lot of emails on a daily basis. Google recently introduced some changes to Gmail which will help to remind users that they have emails they need to reply to. It will do that by nudging them through highlighting emails that might need a response. This feature was initially rolled out to Gmail on the web and it’s now rolling out to Gmail for Android.

Google has kept the nudging feature on by default for all users if they have the new Gmail experience enabled. They can turn it off if they want from the Gmail settings menu.

The feature is powered by artificial intelligence which will presumably decide based on the content of the email whether or not the user is to be nudged for a reply. For example, utility bills in emails don’t require a reply so the AI will be used to sort out such emails that users don’t need a nudge for.

In what appears to be a server-side update, Google has now flipped the switch on this feature for Gmail on Android as well. The setting for this feature can now be found under the user’s email address by scrolling down to Nudges and tapping on Reply and follow up.

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