Gov Approves New Space Development Plan

Gov approves new space development planJapan's government has approved a new space development plan that calls for launching more satellites for security and other purposes.

The government finalized the 5-year plan at a meeting on strategic space development on Friday.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told those attending the meeting that Japan should use space technologies to boost national security and disaster prevention measures.

The plan calls for launching 3 more Japanese-made global positioning system satellites in several years' time.
Japan has been operating one such satellite for the past 3 years.

Under the plan the government will also launch 4 intelligence-gathering satellites.

But funding for the operation of the International Space Station after 2016 will be reduced. Japan currently spends about 450 million dollars for the ISS project each year.

The government will consider the best way to take part in the international project by thoroughly assessing its cost effectiveness.

via NHK