How The Sony Playstation Eye Connects Your Hands And Voice To The Playstation 4

How the Sony PlayStation Eye connects your hands and voice to the PlayStation 4 When the PlayStation 4 launches this November, the PlayStation Eye camera will enable you to sign into the console using just your face. Unlike its Microsoft counterpart, Kinect, the Eye won't allow much more control of the system. At least not initially. "At the time of launch, first the face recognition is for the purpose of logging in," SVP and Division President of Business Division 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment Masayasu Ito told Engadget in an interview this afternoon.

Beyond face recognition for log in -- something Sony's still not shown to the press or public -- PS4 users with an Eye will also be able to use voice "from the game page." Ito said, "Game titles could be called in and then the game could start." But in the future, Ito said the PS4's camera will go further. There's no voice or gesture command in the UI beyond what's described above, but he foresees more in-game use. "That's as far as it goes, but continuous updates, it can go deeper.