How To Disable Usb Hard Drive Sleed Mode On Nintendo Wii U

How To Disable USB Hard Drive Sleed Mode on Nintendo WIi UA hidden Wii U setting allows users to disable the USB storage device’s sleep function while the system is powered on.
First, you’ll need to tap on the “System Settings” icon (the wrench) located on the Wii U menu. Next, find the “Data Management” menu icon and click on it.
Once you’ve done that, press and hold down on the D-pad then press and hold down the “+” and “-” buttons until the menu in the above image appears.

By default, the USB storage device’s sleep function is enabled, which means the hard drive stops spinning after a certain amount (time varies per device) of idle time. While sleep mode conserves energy, it also causes the hard drive to have a delayed reaction once initiated. In fact, you may have experienced this while playing a game.