Instantaneous Deodorizer, Useful For Diaper Changing

Instantaneous Deodorizer, Useful for Diaper ChangingIn an industrial-academic project with a chemical engineering research group at Kanto Gakuin University, Ando has developed Nurscal, a system for removing the odor that arises when changing diapers.

"This system uses activated charcoal to absorb odors. This material is called mesopore activated charcoal. The activated charcoal sold by retailers is the micropore type; that has very small pores, and it can only absorb a certain substance; it could be ammonia or formaldehyde. But this mesopore activated charcoal has slightly larger pores, which absorb odor constituents. The advantage of the mesopore type is, it can handle a variety of odors."

The odor from diapers includes various constituents. The activated charcoal used in Nurscal can absorb compound odors with high efficiency. So, odors can be diluted enough that they're not disagreeable.

"We've only just developed this product. So far, we've only offered this model, for commercial use. We supply that to hospitals and care centers, but this model here is being developed for household use. This is a prototype, so it's not on sale yet."

In trials by Ando, the activated charcoal can be used for about three months when this system is utilized 10-20 times a day in a hospital.


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