Instantly Obliterating Data On Magnetic Media

Instantly Obliterating Data on Magnetic MediaAt the Information Security Expo, Platform of Japan presented Data Killer, a device that can erase data instantly. Data on a hard disk is recorded using magnetic alignments. Data Killer obliterates data instantly, by using a strong magnetic field to change all the magnetic alignments to the same direction.

"To put it simply, this is a device for wiping out magnetic data. Its strong magnetic field obliterates the data on a hard disk, so you can think of it as a "data crusher." It erases data instantly. If you have data you need to get rid of, Data Killer can do it without taking lots of time."

In addition, Data Killer can instantly obliterate data on magnetic tapes, such as miniDV. The erased tapes can also be reused.

"We have worked mainly on magnetic data deletion for over ten years. So we plan to continue focusing our business on this area. Our product line-up can handle everything from a single 3.5-inch hard disk, to 14 of them at once. With our larger models, you can also instantly obliterate the data on a notebook PC."

Platform of Japan also plans to develop its Data Killer business overseas.


VIDEO Instantly Obliterating Data on Magnetic Media