Inter Bee 2014 : Japan’s Nhk Demonstrates 8k 3d Video Demo

Inter Bee 2014 : Japan’s NHK Demonstrates 8K 3D Video DemoAt Inter Bee 2014, NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai, which means “Japan Broadcasting Corporation”) has demonstrated a 8K 3D 4mn live action video. I know that 3D has somehow fallen out of grace of regular consumers, but I thought that 8K I would check this one out because it’s the first time that such a video is shown, and I thought that the extra resolution would help address some of the friction points of 3D stereo videos.

I was not sure what to expect when I got in, but what I got during the 4 minutes demo was an extremely sharp and extremely high-quality 3D video. This was pretty amazing to watch. The system was using a passive stereo-3D system, which means that the overall image resolution has to split to accommodate the left and right image. Usually, this causes a degradation of the image quality, especially on a theater screen.
This is where 8K helps tremendously. There are so many pixels, that even with a Left/Right image split of the original resolution, the movie looks extremely sharp – maybe even supernaturally so.