Interest In The Wii U Surges After Nintendo's E3

Interest in the Wii U Surges After Nintendo's E3 The Nintendo Wii U has struggled to get its share of the gaming market ever since its launch in late 2012, in spite of the fact that it has a pretty good lineup of exclusive titles, but after this year's E3, the underdog seems to have gotten back onto the radar of the community.

This past E3, Nintendo went all out, revealing a ton of exciting stuff, with a new presentation format and a focus on what matters most, a ton of games and a lot of actual, in-game footage showing exactly why someone would play its games, instead of hype-building CGI.

Apparently, Nintendo's decision was the right one, as its Wii U console seems to have noticed a surge after the gaming trade show, according to a research conducted by GamesIndustry and IHS.

According to the report, Nintendo's praised presentation, along with the release of the acclaimed and highly anticipated Mario Kart 8, has breathed new life into the Wii U, which has seen an increase in sales all around the world in the last month and a half.

In fact, the two companies' survey shows that consumer interest in the Wii U went up following E3, with nearly 150 percent more people planning on purchasing Nintendo's console now than they did before the corporation's digital event took place.