Iot - Based System Makes Stair Walking Fun

IoT-based System Makes Stair Walking Fun

Takenaka Corp and Hakuhodo Inc started to develop an IoT (Internet of Things)-based system for promoting the use of stairs in office buildings.

They plan to commercialize the system in 2019. The system uses wireless tags for identifying each individual and projects video suited for each person on the walls of a staircase. It is aimed at eliminating office workers' lack of exercise and preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

The IoT-based system, "ta-tta-tta," projects video that "makes stair walking fun" in a staircase. When an employee equipped with the tag starts to walk up stairs, the person is identified by the sensors set up in the staircase, and video is projected in accordance with the movement of the person.

The use history data of each individual are stored in an external server, and different videos are projected depending on the data to improve the motivation to use stairs. Use of stairs is believed to consume 4-8.8 times more energy than an unmoving state and be effective for improving the health conditions of office workers.

In an experiment that Takenaka conducted with 18 employees, the system was used to project (1) video that makes them feel as if they are climbing Mt Takao, (2) video of high rise buildings in the world (it changes in accordance with the total height accumulated by the person) and (3) cheering messages.

As a result, compared with the week before the test, the use of stairs (the average number of floors that all the participants walk up per week) increased by 26.1%. Also, the effect continued even after the test period.

Takenaka and Hakuhodo plan to tie up with companies in other businesses in the aim of commercializing the system as a specific solution to realize a "healthy office." They aim to complete the development in 2018 and commercialize the system in 2019.