Japan Can Soon Make Utility Bill Payments In Bitcoin

Japan Can Soon Make Utility Bill Payments In BitcoinThe Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a bit controversial, with some governments not particularly fond of it as it is hard to regulate due to its digital nature. However there are some who love it simply because of its digital nature. Could it potentially be a new form of currency in the future? Perhaps, and it looks like Japan could be leading the way.

Local digital currency firm Coincheck has announced a new service in which customers in Japan will soon be able to pay their utility bills via Bitcoin. It will be the first of its kind in the country and it is expected to be made available to customers starting this November. To encourage users to make use of Bitcoin and to adopt the service, Coincheck will be offering savings to customers on their bills, with up to 6% in savings for “heavy users”.
They have also partnered with Marubeni Power Retail Corporation, a company that operates several power plants in Japan as well as other countries. Coincheck has even revealed that they plan to offer payments services for gas, water, and mobile data, meaning that residents in Japan can look forward to paying for their other bills in Bitcoin.
It is an interesting idea and we have to wonder if other governments in other countries could be considering following suit should this endeavor prove to be a success, but what say you? Would you be interested in paying bills in Bitcoin (assuming you own some)?