Japan’s Favorite Pocky Candy Gets A Whiskey Flavor

Japan’s favorite Pocky candy gets a whiskey flavorAlong with Pocari sweat, Fusen gum and flavored Kit Kats one of Japan’s famed food export is Pocky candy. These long cigarette shaped flavored biscuits are seen in 7/11 shelves from Beverly hills to Roopongi hills. Going beyond the usual strawberry and chocolate flavors the company has now introduced a whiskey flavor.

Glico the manufacturer of the snack says its an ideal accompaniment with, you guessed it right whiskey. To be sold in limited numbers – 300,000 boxes to be precise a pack of six will be sold in a round shaped box resembling whisker packaging. Adult Amber Pocky will go on sale in Japan from October 26 for $9.70 (960 Yen).