Japan To Join International Talks On Space Debris

Japan to join international talks on space debrisJapan will join global efforts to develop an international code of conduct for space debris.

Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba says a safe environment is deteriorating with an increasing number of space debris orbiting the Earth. He says there is a need to establish rules to avoid accidents in space.

Space debris is a collection of defunct man-made objects orbiting the Earth. They include broken pieces of satellites that were intentionally or accidentally destroyed. This space waste poses a significant collision hazard to new satellites, and even for the International Space Station.

The European Union currently leads the effort to establish a code of conduct for mitigating space debris, and has been calling on other countries to take part in discussions.

The EU has drafted a code that urges countries to refrain from intentionally destroying man-made satellites in space, and calls for establishing a warning system to prevent collisions.

The United States and Australia have already indicated their willingness to take part in the talks.

via NHK