Japan's First '4d' Movie Theater Opens In Nagoya

Japan's first '4D' movie theater opens in NagoyaHold onto your seat, and maybe hold your nose while you’re at it. Japan's first "4D" theater opened at the Nakagawa Korona World cinema complex in the city's Nakagawa Ward.

In addition to a 3D presentation, the 4D theater combines physical effects for an immersive experience. During a movie, the seats move to and fro, side to side or up and down, and vibrate. Wind, scents, smoke, mist, air bubbles and other effects are also provided from the bars installed in front of the seats, walls and other parts of the theater to enhance the sense of being inside the movie.

While the system has been featured at amusement parks for some time, it is the first of its kind for movie theaters in Japan, the operator says.

Prior to its first business day, the theater was opened for reporters on April 22. Audience members let out a whoop of joy during an explosion scene, which was accompanied by a jerking motion of the seats and a blast of wind with a gunpowder-like smell.

The Nakagawa Korona World cinema complex refurbished its 112-seat theater to make it compatible to 4D presentations. The remodeled theater opened with "Iron Man 3."

"With the new equipment, we want to stop the number of young audience members from decreasing," said a representative of Korona, the Komaki-based operator of the cinema complex that also runs other theaters mainly in Aichi Prefecture.

An additional 1,000 yen ($10) will be charged to the regular price admission for non-3D movies, and 1,300 yen for 3D films.

The company intends to show 12 4D movies at the theater each year and wants to expand the business across the country.