Jaxa : From The Director Of The Gender Equality Office

Jaxa : From the Director of the Gender Equality OfficeAfter being selected as an organization promoting the Program to Support Research Activities of Female Researchers implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), JAXA established a Gender-Equality Promotion Office in October 2013. Since then, the Office has worked actively to support child care and elderly nursing for family members of employees, to prevent employees from quitting because of life events, to secure a balance between work and life, and to bring out employees' abilities.

JAXA is proud to be the home of female astronauts, advanced researchers in the aerospace field, flight directors of spacecrafts, and rocket launch conductor. However, while the number of female researchers, developers, and teachers has increased in recent years, it is also a reality that the number is still only a handful. This is because the number of females who pursued work in the aerospace field was originally very small. Furthermore, the proportion of females in the higher ranks at JAXA is presently extremely low.

Improving diversity and creativity is the key to innovation. Gender equality and the appropriate utilization of human resources will contribute to this purpose. The Office is determined to support advances in the aerospace field by improving the capabilities of women, such as their managerial and leadership capabilities, together with improving the environment to make it easier for them to work. This office intends to apply such efforts not only to female researchers but also to holders of non-scientific administrative jobs and to male employees. This is expected to revitalize the workplace. Although the Support Project for Research Activities Promoted by Female Researchers will enter its last year in FY2015, our goal is to enhance the present efforts and to sustain such efforts in JAXA. The members of this office will endeavor to establish a workplace each and every employee will find more workable and worthwhile so that each person's abilities can be enhanced."

Below please refer to the Outline of the FY 2014 Progress Report. We hope that it will serve as a useful reference for everyone's activities.