Just - For - Kids Headphones By Jvc Offer Fun, Safe Listening

Just-For-Kids Headphones By JVC Offer Fun, Safe ListeningNew JVC headphones designed specifically for children offer a comfortable, fun and safe alternative to adult-sized headphones for kids who want to enjoy their music, games and videos. The new JVC HA-KD6 headphones are an on-the-ear design, sized for kids and feature a volume limiter to prevent hearing damage. They’re available in four different bright color combinations and come with stickers so kids can personalize their headphones.

The HA-KD6 headphones are designed to fit children ages three and older. They come with a 2.62-foot (0.8m) cord, an ideal length for use with portable devices. A volume limiter prevents output volume from exceeding 85dB to prevent damage to young ears.
Soft ear pads make the headphones comfortable to wear for extended periods. The wide headband also contributes to comfort and can be decorated with the included stickers or a child’s own stickers. No painted parts are used, another feature that makes them safe for use by children.
The HA-KD6 headphones come in four color combinations: pink/purple, red/yellow, purple/green and yellow/blue. They are available in for purchase at around $29.95.