Kawasaki City And Fujitsu Sign Cooperation Agreement

Kawasaki City and Fujitsu Sign Cooperation AgreementKawasaki City and Fujitsu Limited today announced that they have signed an agreement to cooperate in order to promote industry and contribute to the global community through ICT and environmental technologies.


Areas of Cooperation

Kawasaki City has amassed a considerable store of knowledge related to environmental technologies, regulations, and guidance through its pollution-control efforts. For its part, Fujitsu has used cutting-edge environmental technology and ICT in a range of international business projects. The two parties have agreed to bring their respective experience, knowledge, and know-how to contribute to the global community and promote industry through ICT and environmental technologies.

Collaboration on Saudi Arabia Environmental Management Project

In Saudi Arabia's industrial cities, dealing with factory wastewater as well as liquid and airborne pollutants has become a critical issue. In an effort to improve this situation, a Fujitsu-led consortium signed a contract with the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) for an environmental management system in March 2013(1).

Fujitsu recognized that, as an environmentally progressive city, Kawasaki's participation in this project would be mutually beneficial, thanks to its store of knowledge and know-how in environmental and emission-source monitoring technology, and regulations and guidance, all of which have been amassed through its experience in combating pollution.

A number of organizations, including the Ministry of the Environment, encouraged Kawasaki City to take part in the project. It decided to do so in order to contribute to local environmental improvements in Saudi Arabia, to gain know-how that would be useful to Kawasaki-based businesses expanding abroad, and to create positive public relations for homegrown environmental technologies overseas. Through this project, Kawasaki City also aims to provide feedback to Kawasaki-based businesses on the know-how needed for international expansion gained through this project.

Specific Programs

Dispatching Kawasaki City employees who have thorough knowledge of environmental monitoring technology and regulations to assist in designing environmental policies and performing environmental data analysis for Saudi Arabia's industrial cities.
Highlighting know-how gained through this project at events such as the Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair.
Holding a series of joint seminars run by both Fujitsu and Kawasaki City.
Promoting the environmental technology of Kawasaki-based businesses to MODON.
In addition to their efforts in Saudi Arabia, Fujitsu and Kawasaki City are building on their respective knowledge and know-how to find other ways to use environmental technology and ICT to contribute to the global community and promote industry.