Kawasaki City And Fujitsu Sign Framework Agreement

Kawasaki City and Fujitsu Sign Framework AgreementThe municipal government of Kawasaki City and Fujitsu Limited have today signed a framework agreement to come together and cooperate in such areas as building a more robust ICT environment and nurturing the next-generation so as to promote a sustainable community.

This agreement will be the basis upon which joint initiatives move forward, leveraging Kawasaki City's community resources and human resources in combination with Fujitsu's ICT and expertise.

This is the first case in which Fujitsu has signed a framework agreement with a local government.

Areas of Collaboration

Community development using ICT
Cultivating the next-generation of human resource talent that will flourish globally
Forming a vibrant community
Creating an environmentally friendly community
Promoting contributions to the international community and industrial development with cutting-edge technology
Major Initiatives

1. Surveys and research in the use of big data and open data

Kawasaki City and Fujitsu will work together to conduct surveys and research into the use of big data with regard to issues faced by Kawasaki City - such as changes in the social and economic environment and trends among its inhabitants - and the use of open data to improve the lives of residents and invigorate private sector activity.

2. Nurturing human resources in the sciences

Kawasaki City and Fujitsu will promote science education for students by holding symposia and lectures to help the city's high school and university students design careers in the scientific field.

3. Educational support in the sciences and sports classes for elementary and junior high school students

Fujitsu will use its strengths to support learning by the city's elementary and junior high school students, such as by sending instructors to give educational lectures during the Period for Integrated Studies on information security, the environment, and advanced science and technology. It will also host field trips to Fujitsu locations and hold sports classes at elementary and junior high schools.

4. Promoting ICT literacy at a new integrated junior and high school

At Junior High School Attached to Kawasaki Municipal Kawasaki High School, which opens in April 2014, Fujitsu will promote initiatives designed to improve students' ICT literacy, such as holding lectures utilizing its ICT expertise and creating a location within the school equipped with advanced technologies.

5. Supporting 'entrepreneur auditions'

At the entrepreneur auditions sponsored by Kawasaki City and the Kawasaki City Industrial Development Foundation, Fujitsu will award finalists it judges to have good prospects for the effective use of ICT a cloud-based development environment and other start-up support to accelerate business development.