Kobe Bussan Planning On Building 200mw Of Solar Plants

Kobe Bussan Planning on Building 200MW of Solar PlantsKobe Bussan Co Ltd announced Dec 20, 2013, that it will build about 200MW of mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plants on 17 sites in Japan and launch a business of selling electricity.

As of Dec 20, 2013, Kobe Bussan has already started selling a total of about 8.2MW of electricity generated at solar power plants on seven sites (three in Hokkaido, three in Hyogo Prefecture and one in Fukuoka Prefecture). Also, the company is currently building four plants with a total power output of 7.2MW and has acquired land for three plants with a total power output of 21.2MW.

Furthermore, Kobe Bussan plans to install 1.9MW of solar power generation systems in the parking areas and on the roofs of four of its manufacturing plants. And for five more plants with a total power output of 171MW, it is applying or has already applied for grid connection with a power company. As a result, Kobe Bussan will have an expected total power generation capacity of 207.6MW.

Currently, Kobe Bussan is generating an amount of electricity equivalent to that used by 125 "Gyomu Super" stores run by the company (8.2MW). In August 2012, it announced that it would commercialize 40MW or more of solar power plants. And, this time, it announced a plan to commercialize 200MW of plants and a goal of becoming a company that has the largest power generation capacity with mega-solar plants in Japan.

The initial investment is ¥11,104 million (approx US$106 million) for plants in operation and under construction and contemplation (total power generation capacity: 36.6MW).