Korg Rimpitch - C Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Korg Rimpitch-C Acoustic Guitar TunerThe new style of tuner for the acoustic guitar; a chromatic tuner that can be attached to the sound hole.
Rimpitch-C expands upon KORG’s innovative Rimpitch tuner by adding chromatic functionality.

By attaching the tuner inside the sound hole of your acoustic guitar, you can casually observe the tuning meter at an incredibly convenient viewing angle. With a broad detection range and a calibration function, this model allows accurate and discrete tuning in a wide variety of performance environments. The Rimpitch-C is the ideal choice for acoustic guitarists who require a more flexible tuning option.

Support for chromatic tuning,
a broad detection range, and a calibration function.
The Rimpitch-C supports chromatic tuning, allowing you to tune in any scale and any key. This is a long-awaited feature particularly for musicians that employ non-standard tunings. (*1)
The detection range covers the full span needed for guitar, extending from E2 (82.41 Hz)--E7 (2637.02 Hz). The calibration function allows the reference pitch to be adjusted in the range 438--445 Hz, supporting a variety of concert pitches. (*2)

*1: In contrast, the Rimpitch displays the string numbers and note names of a conventional six-string acoustic guitar, making it a more appropriate choice for beginners and for those who use standard guitar tuning.
*2: The calibration setting can be memorized even when the power is turned off.

Attaches to the inside of your guitar’s sound hole making for an incredibly convenient viewing angle
To use the Rimpitch-C, simply attach it to the lower side of your acoustic guitar’s sound hole. This enables you to check the tuning meter at the closest possible distance within your natural angle of vision. Since it's attached in a position where only the performer can casually see it, it will be virtually unnoticed by the audience. This is the ideal tuner for players who don't want a tuner to distract from their performance.
Since you can leave the Rimpitch-C attached when stowing your guitar in its case, transportation and storage could not be more convenient.

Fits a variety of acoustic guitars
The Rimpitch-C can be installed in round sound holes with a diameter of 100 mm±3 mm, allowing it to fit a wide range of acoustic guitars. A hook conveniently prevents the Rimpitch-C from falling inside of your guitar and a rubber grip ensures your valuable instrument will not be scratched.

Piezo pickup rapidly detects the sound
The Rimpitch-C detects the pitch by sensing the vibration of the guitar body. Since the design places the piezo pickup extremely close to the body of the guitar, the pitch is detected quickly and accurately.

High-brightness LEDs for excellent visibility
High-brightness LEDs are used for the tuning meter and string name indicator, making for excellent visibility even on a dimly-lit stage.
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Korg Rimpitch-C Acoustic Guitar Tuner