Kumamon Gets An Rc Dune Buggy

Kumamon Gets an RC Dune BuggyJapanese hobby kit and RC car maker Tamiya has been chasing the Kumamon cash dragon for over a year now, and along with last December’s Kumamon tractor RC car (probably because Kumamoto = agriculture), an RC standard dune buggy has now entered the lineup.

The new 1/10 scale 2WD dune buggy sports 4-wheel independent suspension with coil spring dampers. a pre-assembled Kumamon Figure, and Kumamoto-related decals. The product is sold as a kit, which means it requires both assembly and a radio control system (no word yet on what the pre-assembled, all-inclusive product will cost).

Kit Price: ¥10,584
Colors: Black, Red, Green, Orange
Available: June 20, 2015