Latest Microsoft Edge Beta For Android Features Adblock Plus Integration

Latest Microsoft Edge Beta For Android Features AdBlock Plus Integration

While Microsoft Edge is a huge improvement over Internet Explorer in terms of speed and features, unfortunately it still has yet to fully catch on. However Microsoft might be giving users a good reason to make the switch, at least as far as mobile is concerned thanks to an update to the Android beta.

In the latest beta of Microsoft Edge on Android, it seems that Microsoft has included Adblock Plus integration into the browser. What does this mean? As the name already implies, integrating Adblock Plus means that users can expect that ads they come across while browsing the web will be blocked, at least those that haven't been whitelisted.

It’s a nifty feature and if you are looking for ad blocking, then the next version of Edge could be worth checking out. That being said, there are already ways for Android users to block ads on a system-wide level, and there are also apps out there that help users block ads, so we’re not sure if this will be compelling enough for users to make the switch, but it is a good reason nonetheless.

Like we said, the feature was spotted in the latest beta which means that the current version in the Play Store does not have it yet. Presumably it should be part of the next update, so do keep an eye out for it.

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