Low - Cost Endoscope That Does Not Use Optical Fiber

Low-cost Endoscope That Does Not Use Optical FiberARS develops, designs and manufactures medical endoscopes at a reduced cost. Eyeing demand for low-cost endoscopes in emerging economies, ARS began by selling its products in India in December 2012, and ahead it aims to roll out mass-market models in Southeast Asian and South Asian markets.

"Three Japanese makers, Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm, currently command around 90% of the world market. The remaining 10% is held by exceedingly small companies in the US, Europe or China. Developed markets are thus an extremely tough playing field for us, and so we are looking toward the emerging markets that are now opening up."

Endoscopes developed by ARS feature miniature LED lights at their tip and, even though available at a low cost, also provide HD video output. Plus, ARS does not use optical fiber, which features in close to 99% of the major makers' endoscopes, and this can reduce repair costs to a fifth or even a tenth of what they would be otherwise.

"Japan has witnessed boom market for pets in the last few years, with some owners now demanding the same level of medical care for their pets as afforded to humans. With an eye to such markets, we are also looking at moving into veterinary medical care--endoscopes for pets, in other words."

ARS obtained approval to manufacture veterinary medical devices in September 2012 and, ahead, plans to enlist the help of sales companies as it delves into the domestic pet market.

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