Mouse Computer To Launch New Windows Phones

Mouse Computer to Launch New Windows PhonesMicrosoft continues to be the number one Windows Phone device manufacturer, but the company is working behind closed doors to convince more companies to join this select club and thus bring more phones running its mobile operating system to the market.

The latest company that has decided to create Windows Phones comes from Japan and is called Mouse Computer.

In a press release launched today, Mouse Computer announces that Windows Phone devices could launch in the coming months but refuses to provide any details or specifics of this new project.

Right now, the only two things we know about Mouse Computer's upcoming Windows Phone device are that it would come with LTE support and will be sold without a contract.
Samsung could also launch Windows Phones

Another company that Microsoft is trying to convince to bet more on Windows Phone is Samsung, the South Korean firm that's currently the number one manufacturer of devices running Android.

Samsung and Microsoft were involved in a legal dispute over Android patent royalties, and after the case was settled, sources close to the matter indicated that Redmond actually agreed to end the legal dispute because the South Koreans expressed their intention to launch new Windows Phones later this year.

There's no doubt that, if Samsung were to bet on Windows Phone, they would do it when Windows 10 comes out, so expect an avalanche of new devices later this year.

Windows 10 is still in development on both PCs and smartphones, but according to people close to the matter, the new operating system should see the light of day in the fall of 2015.