Murata Compact Ultra Low Power Bluetooth Low Energy Module Includes Chip Antenna

Murata Compact ultra low power Bluetooth Low Energy module includes chip antennaMurata today announced the mass production of the LBCA2ZZVZE Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless module that includes a chip antenna and all the Bluetooth protocol stacks required for low-energy communication. Designed for a broad range of consumer electronics the module also benefits from healthcare protocol profiles being included in the stacks.

Measuring just 20.0 x 13 x 2.4 mm, and based on the CC2541 Texas Instruments chipset, the module has an output power of typically -2 dBm and is fully wireless certified to Bluetooth 4.0, TELEC, FCC/IC and CE specifications.

The module requires an input voltage in the range 2.2 to 3.6 VDC. Current consumption is 100 uA average for a 500 msec connectional interval. Ideal for interfacing to a 8- or 16-bit embedded microcontroller applications via the UART interface, the module can easily be incorporated into a host of battery powered healthcare designs from blood pressure meters to bathroom scales.