Murata Exhibits Ultra - Small, Fast - Chargeable Li - Ion Battery

Murata Exhibits Ultra-small, Fast-chargeable Li-ion BatteryMurata Manufacturing Co Ltd exhibited a small lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery that can be rapidly charged at Ceatec Japan 2015, which took place from Oct 7 to 10, 2015, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

The battery was designed for wearable devices and energy harvesting. The company will start volume production in October 2015.

The battery has a cylindrical shape, is 4mm in diameter and 12mm in length (excluding the lead) and has a capacity of 3mAh. Lithium titanate is used for its negative electrode. It can charge/discharge at a current of 30mA (10C).

Though its average voltage is 2.3V (charging voltage: 2.7V), which is lower than that of conventional Li-ion batteries, its capacity retention rate is higher than 80% after 1,500 charge/discharge cycles.

Murata considers that the battery is suited for wearable devices and energy harvesting because it can be used like an electric double layer capacitor, its leak current is smaller than that of a capacitor and it has a large capacity.

In Murata's booth at Ceatec, the company had a demonstration to compare an electric double layer capacitor and the new battery. Specifically, the battery was discharged by powering an LED lamp after being charged only for 10 seconds. While the lamp powered by the capacitor of a similar size started to flicker after several seconds, the lamp powered by the new battery continuously emitted light for about 20 seconds.