Nec Dew Concept Camera

NEC Dew Concept CameraNEC presented at Embedded Technology 2010,the dew, a camera concept for the cloud era.

In the dew concept, a Dew Camera worn round the neck captures emotions and gestures when pictures are taken, and saves them as tags along with the photo data.

The scenes that users see are stored in the cloud via a network, and people can use the Dew Viewer to look back on their memories, which are marked by emotions and gestures.

In this demo, emotions are recognized using a voice recognition system from AGI.

"This sphere is a 180-degree panoramic camera. It captures the images reflected in it, so things look just as if they're reflected in a water droplet. That's why we chose the name "dew." On top of the camera, there's a mood indicator. Right now, it's the normal green color, but if you're happy, it changes to yellow, and if you're excited, it goes red. The NEC Group also handles batteries, so the idea with the dew is: if you put a battery in this thin strap, you can use the dew as a wearable computer."

In this demo, the shutter operates when the user's emotion changes. By indexing the data in line with changes in mood, it becomes easy to find memories among the vast amount of data.

"The aim of today's demonstration is to show some possibilities: how the value of information can be heightened by media mixing. What happens next with this concept will depend on the reactions we get from everyone. So our dew exhibit here includes this kind of marketing aspect."

From now on, NEC would like to increase the precision of the dew's emotion detection, by adding voice and expression recognition, and investigate the possibilities of continuous shooting with video.

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