Nec Express5800/1320xf Server

NEC Express5800/1320Xf Server Leveraging NEC's outstanding supercomputer and mainframe technology, NEC Express5800/1000 Series servers meet mission critical business needs for the enterprise.

It is the industry's first enterprise-class server to offer dynamic partitioning on Windows Server 2008.

The NEC Express5800/1320Xf is a third-generation NEC Express5800/1000 Series server incorporating Intel® Itanium® processors and NEC's innovative A3 (A-cubed) chipset.

The A3 chipset contributes to the server's outstanding reliability, availability, serviceability (RAS) and performance.

Dynamic Partitioning
Ever-increasing business demands for always-on data centers Always-On Dynamically Scalable Database Server combined with narrowing financial and environmental footprint concerns are straining IT infrastructures. Traditional server solutions rely on adding more servers - a tactic that requires more and more energy and physical space. And rack-mounted, scale-out server architectures, even with current virtualization solutions, only provide an incremental fix for the explosion of capacity needed to service enterprise application demands.

The dynamic hardware partitioning functionality available in Windows Server 2008 provides the ability to actively add memory, processor and I/O devices while the system is running for enhanced scalability with minimal operational outage, improving availability. In addition, the functionality also improves reliability, availability and serviceability by allowing hot replace on systems to avoid scheduled maintenance downtime.

GlobalMaster Software
NEC's GlobalMaster software is a powerful autonomic system management solution for the Express5800/1000 Enterprise Series servers. Designed to manage the mainframe architecture of NEC Enterprise Servers, GlobalMaster delivers the ability to statically and dynamically manage all resources of the physical system resource, enabling autonomic resource allocation of processing and I/O subsystems.


Proven Performance
On January 21, 2008 the NEC Express5800/1320Xf server with 84 NEC D3-10 storage arrays reported the highest TPC-C* performance benchmark result among 16-processor Intel® server platforms that use Oracle® Database and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. BEA® Tuxedo® 8.1 transaction processing monitor (TPM) was used to deliver the workload.

In this specific TPC-C benchmark, the NEC Express5800/1320Xf achieved 1,245,516 tpmC (transactions per minute) and a price per performance of $4.57/tpmC, demonstrating the power of an NEC solution running 16 Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 processors, Oracle® Database 10g Enterprise Edition on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux AS4 operating system.

Mainframe Performance for the Mainstream
The NEC Express5800/1000 Series system is broken down into processing and memory "cells," each with four processor sockets and the associated memory. Each of the cells is connected to one another and the I/O host bridges through a crossbar. These cells can be partitioned at the hardware level to create multiple physically isolated servers, depending on what each environment needs. The NEC Express5800/1320Xf, supports 32 sockets or up to 8 cells, and can could be partitioned with four cells allocated to one server performing business critical applications, another two cells running customer support applications and the final two cells allocated to development activities. In this example, there would be three separate servers running in one system.


Benefits of Express5800/1320Xf
 Scalability with dynamic provisioning of incremental resources
 Intelligent policy-based infrastructure, allocating appropriate server resources to client and batch requests, as needed
 Flexible sharing of dynamic resources
 Highest availability through dynamic hardware partitioning

Express5800/1320Xf Specifications
 Up to 32 Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 1.6GHz/24MB processors
 Maximum memory capacity of 1024GB
 Expansion for up to 64 PCI-X slots
 Up to 8 partitions 
 Redundant and Hot-plug components 
 Microsoft® Windows® and Linux®
 Stand-alone cabinet (37U)