Nec To Construct 50mw Of Storage Battery Systems In Uk

NEC to Construct 50MW of Storage Battery Systems in UKNEC Corp and NEC Energy Solutions Inc announced March 2, 2017, that they have signed a contract with the UK-based VLC Energy on the construction and operation of large-scale storage battery systems with a total output of about 50MW.
NEC and NEC Energy Solutions have thus far constructed more than 120MW of large-scale storage battery systems across the globe including the UK. And a system announced this time will be one of their largest-scale systems.

Based on the contract, the two companies will provide engineering, procurement and construction services for 40MW and 10MW storage battery systems to be built in Glassenbury (located in the southeastern area of the US) and Cleator (the northwestern area), respectively, and will be responsible for operation and maintenance for 10 years. The systems will be used for dealing with the large-scale introduction of renewable energy as well as for stabilizing the grid system in the UK.

Moreover, the systems are planned to be used for a service that reduces the "charge incurred in accordance with the amount of electricity used during peak hours" and for entering other electricity markets using storage battery systems. They will start operations in November 2017.

In the UK, the reformation of the power market is underway in the aim of realizing a low-carbon society, stably supplying electricity and achieving a goal for the introduction of renewable energy. And the market for ancillary services of maintaining the quality of electricity including the frequency and voltage of a power grid has already been established.

With the large-scale storage battery systems, VLC Energy plans to provide the "Enhanced Frequency Response" service, which prevents frequency problems with a response speed of one second or less, to National Grid plc, the largest power transmission company in the UK.

VLC Energy is a joint venture between Low Carbon (the UK-based investment firm that invests in renewable energy) and VPI Immingham, which is affiliated with the Netherlands-based Vitol group (the owner of the largest heat source supplying plant in Europe and an investment firm that deals with and provides products and assets in the field of energy).