New Tamron Prime Lenses Will Resolve The New Close To 50 Megapixel Sony Ff Sensor!

New Tamron prime lenses will resolve the new close to 50 Megapixel Sony FF sensor!The following rumor is from a very good Tamron source. The source shared the following very interesting info:

– Tamron is working on a new SP.2 lens line. It is made to resolve the High resolution Full Frame sensors coming from Sony. In detail Sony told Tamron that it’s “around” 46 megapixel.
– The 15-30mm f/2.8 DI VC USD lens Tamron announced at Photokina is the first of the new SP.2 line. It will work fine on those new Sony ?50MP FF cameras.
– Tamron is also working on the design of two prime lenses that can resolve such a resolution.

Also interesting: The source said that Sony sensor will come for both A and E-mount FF cameras. Although he could not tell me which camera will come first and when it will be released.

Note: The source is trustworthy because he shared the 15-30mm f/2.8 lens info before the announcement. Back at Photokina I didn’t post the info because it was of the many new sources with rumors I could not confirm via trusted sources.