New Toshiba Sound Bars : Quality, Convenience And Style For Every Living Room

New Toshiba Sound Bars : Quality, Convenience And Style For Every Living RoomToshiba UK today announces its new Sound Bar range – the finishing touch to any home entertainment experience. With three new products they offer a spectrum of design and audio requirements, combining advanced technology, functionality and style in audio entertainment.

Mini 3D Sound Bar II
The Mini 3D II is a small sound bar that makes a big impression. Its compact form and stylish design allows for seamless integration into any modern living room or where space is at a premium, whilst its advanced sound technology and range of connectivity options makes it a multi-functional audio device.

The immersive sound of the Mini 3D Sound Bar II features Absolute 3D® sound power by Sonic Emotion™. By turning the user’s whole room into the sound ‘sweet spot’, Sonic Emotion™ produces a stunning 3D audio experience regardless of where they are positioned. An external wireless subwoofer is included to provide greater levels of bass while incredible sound depth is possible due to the separate tuning modes designed for movies, games and music.

With the choice of HDMI®, Bluetooth® and NFC support, users can easily connect their TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone and experience a powerful speaker system enhancing the media experience of any device they choose. In addition, setup is convenient without the need for complex calibration or additional cabling to connect rear speakers or speakers at the side.

Toshiba SB3950M1 150 watt Sound Bar
The SB3950M1 delivers sound on a bigger scale whether paired with a TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone via cable connection, Bluetooth® or NFC for one touch audio streaming. Alongside Dolby® Digital and DTS® 2.0 channel decoders, the SB3950M1 features DTS® Studio Sound™, an advanced surround sound technology suite developed for TVs, which intelligently extracts and places audio cues according to the sound’s form to maximise content quality and automatically renders 3D audio to match 3D video content.

As part of this process DTS® Studio Sound™ broadens a room’s ‘sweet spot’, so the whole audience can enjoy the same level of quality, regardless of their position in the room. This function sits alongside an expanded sound field for mono/stereo playback, ensuring the highest quality whatever the speaker set-up. DTS® Studio Sound™ also delivers dialog enhancement for clear, intelligible vocals, and bass enhancement for rich, low frequency production.

Dolby® Digital and DTS® 2.0 channel decoders mean that audio content is always optimised – so the user always hears sound the way it’s supposed to be. And if they’re listening to heavy beats, there’s an external wireless subwoofer included for even more bass. With this versatility and optimisation, the SB3950M1 acts as the finishing touch to a user’s perfect home entertainment package in a traditional sound bar format which compliments the current design of Toshiba’s TV range.

Toshiba SB3950E1 40 watt Sound Bar
The Toshiba SB3950E1 is a classic, value-packed sound bar offering a range of DTS® and Dolby® technologies for a more immersive audio experience. Designed to fit into any existing home entertainment environment, the SB3950E1 provides DTS® TruSurround™ post audio processing, and Dolby® Digital and DTS® 2.0 channel decoders. This combination intelligently restores audio blend and levelling to achieve cinematic sound with enhanced realism just the way it was intended. In addition, with the SB3950E1, there’s no complicated set-up so users can just plug in and play and if desired even wall mount their sound bar.

The Toshiba Mini 3D Sound Bar II, SB3950M1 and SB3950E1 will be available in the UK during the second quarter of 2014.

Toshiba Mini 3D Sound Bar II
Featuring Absolute 3D Sound® powered by Sonic Emotion™
Sound output: 90 W total power (4x 15 W + 30 W for external wireless subwoofer)
Bluetooth® and NFC
Connectivity: HDMI® (2x in, 1x out) with CEC and ARC support, 3.5 mm line-in jack, optical in
Features: 3 adjustable bass levels, preset equalizer, Right/centre/left sound effect selection
Remote control
Colour: Black
- Sound Bar: 290 (W) x 72 (H) x 100 (D) mm
- Subwoofer: 220 (W) x 246 (H) x 220 (D) mm
Toshiba SB3950M1 150 Watt Sound Bar
DTS® StudioSound™, DTS® 2.0 Channel, Dolby® Digital
Sound output:
- Sound Bar: 80 W total power: 40 W x2
- Wireless Subwoofer: 70 W
Connectivity: HDMI® (2x in, 1x out), 3.5 mm line-in jack, optical in
Bluetooth® and NFC
CEC and ARC support
Remote control
Wall mount kit
Colour: Black
- Sound Bar: 889 mm (L) x 92.7 mm (H) x 57 mm (D)
- Subwoofer: 307 mm (H) x 220 mm (W) x 300 mm (D)
Toshiba SB3950E1 40 Watt Sound Bar
DTS® TruSurround™, DTS® 2.0 Channel decoding, Dolby® Digital
Sound output: 40 W power total: 20 W x2
Connectivity: 3.5 mm line-in jack, optical in
Wall mounting kit
Dimensions: 889 mm (L) x 92.7 mm (H) x 57 mm (D)