New Xperia Care Services Roll Out Globally

New Xperia Care services roll out globallyWe’re always looking to improve our Xperia Care (customer) service, so here’s a little bit more about a few new recent additions & features…
You might have spotted an updated version of our Xperia Care app in your smartphone which provides *direct* access to support within your device – and if you’ve registered with us, this is your bespoke portal to some of our key services tailored for your product and your relationship with us…

“My support” is your personal online go-to page that lets you keep track of all the correspondence with us and get relevant, important info about your device. You’ll be able to see interactions (calls or emails to your respective contact centre), your chat history, warranty status and information on new software available for your device. It’s an additional element in Xperia Care that we want to provide to make your life easier.

We’ve launched this service across most countries globally… with Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi languages to follow shortly.

Within “My support” online you can also access a new, easy-to-use “repair service”, designed for convenience should you ever need it. It’s currently launched across Sweden, France, UK and Spain. Earlier in the year we also revamped our support forum, talk.sonymobile with a cleaner layout, expanded browser, mobile optimisation and a new Kudos ranking for Xperia experts.

It’s all part of our thinking – developing new customer service solutions that recognise your individual needs and demands, with you the “customer” at the very heart of it.

After all, “customer service” sort of says it on the tin, doesn’t it?

Ola Lundström, Consumer Experience Manager, and one of the brains behind Xperia Care, recently joined us to tell us a little more…

Can you describe “Xperia Care” & the new repair service in a sentence?
“We want our customers to be able to get support throughout the life of their device, in a way that suits them, that’s Xperia Care – a complete one stop support solution.”

“We’re adding different blocks, including our new repair service, enabling customers to hand in their device directly to us so they can get it repaired quickly and safely with a high quality service.”

Why have you created this – what’s the inspiration?
“We are beginning a journey of providing ever more personalised support to ensure customers feel that they are receiving the best possible care for their device. Xperia phones are lifestyle companions, they are an essential part of our customer’s lives. We must offer new support services that truly appreciate this.”

“These services will be wide and varied – from a complete digital support network which provides you with the latest information that you really need to multiple ways to get in touch with us. We really do want to make this one of the best support services available.”

Can you tell us a little bit about the repair service; key features and how it’ll work?
“The first thing we want to find out is whether the phone needs a repair; therefore we have introduced a step-by-step guide that will determine whether the customer actually needs to return the phone, rather than receiving more general help and support.”

“If you do have to place an order for a repair you will be guided to My support where you can track the status of your repair and easily contact us.”

“At any time in the process you may of course contact our knowledgeable agents and they will help you through the steps described, and also provide you with an update on the progress should you prefer it this way.

Can you tell us about the rollout and plans going forward?
“We first introduced the new services in Sweden, and after receiving such positive and useful feedback, France went live in April, UK in May and Spain in June and we’re now rolling out the repair service to markets globally, continuing with Germany and Singapore- more will follow during 2014.”

“As mentioned, this is a new way of support of which the new repair service is just one small part. We have lots of plans going forward and during 2014 we will introduce more personalised services which will further enhance everyone’s enjoyment of owning an Xperia device.”