Next Big Sony Ps4 System Software Update Coming Soon

Next Big Sony PS4 System Software Update Coming SoonThe next big PS4 firmware update isn't "too far out," according to a representative of the company, although it's unclear just what of the many different promised features might be included within it.

The PlayStation 4 launched back in November of 2013, and since then, Sony has rolled out quite a few different system software updates for the console, in order to add new features, but also a myriad of smaller firmware versions that just improved various issues and added stability.

After the last update, 2.04, caused some problems on the PlayStation Network for a few days, Sony's Fred Dutton confirms on the European PS blog that the next big firmware update is going to launch soon enough.

While answering to a question from a fan, he mentions that "I haven’t got news for you today, but the next update is not too far out. We’ll update you here asap."

Unfortunately, no other details have been offered and it's unclear just what the new system software update might include.